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SlaveBSD is the product of great innovation in the software world, combining the raw untapped stupidity of permissive licensing & general open-source with the proven greed of proprietary software!

Our patented system for software fabrication means anyone on the planet can submit to us a patch and we will use our resources to secure your work from helping our competition through copyright, patent pooling, trademarks & more!

"Open-Source" is dumb

Being able... Continue

FSF/GNU GPL explained

First, What are Software Licences?

Some people may associate this term with a paid-for software key that you find stuck to pre-assembled computer casings to type into software like Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Office before you can use it, these are not what software licences are in the usual sence. A licence is a document that details how the author intends for specified others to use it.

Licences tend to easily fit into one of... Continue

Enjoying GNOME3

The options

Nearly every mildly experienced GNU-like OS user has had to contend with the problem of which graphical environment to install, why?, because it's how we use OS these days, with point and click. People are often perplexed by the choice even existing as the dominent OS of the day hardly allow you to modify your environment at all let-alone replace it all together with another groups systems.

I won't go too in-depth into... Continue

The difference between Iceweasel and Icecat

Both Iceweasel and Icecat are web browsers based on the popular Mozilla Firefox web browser, the same code is used in each of these with Firefox being the original iteration. Using the same code means that, besides some development delay with the downstream forks like Iceweasel and Icecat, these are very similar programs.

The forks

In responce to the Debian project modifying the code of Firefox and distributing their modified version... Continue

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