New website design up, pages being filled in gradually - 23/04/14

Intent to finish this turtle of a project
Huge server config rewrite, new services, working services - 16/09/14

XKCD comic

What's wrong with this comic strip.

My Socialings on GnutusNet

by usrnix

I thought I’d let visitors know that I seem to have started using my social microwebloggings a bit more and it would probably be a better way of keeping up with me personally than waiting for articles here. In part because I sortof intend for this website to be more information and service-orientated but I’m still working towards those goals.

My self-hosted social system is the federated OStatus network GNU Social, formally known as StatusNet, informally known... Expand..

Static, Jekyllrb

by usrnix

Over the past few days I have experimented with setting up and implemented a static-website generator for more easily updating this website. A static-website generator is a program, either client-side like my laptop or server-side like on, which goes through files provided to it in a specified way and creates a set of HTML files which contains the website. The good thing is the files fed into the generator can be separated logically, so postings can have... Expand..


by usrnix

SlaveBSD is the product of great innovation in the software world, combining the raw untapped stupidity of permissive licensing & general open-source with the proven greed of proprietary software!

Our patented system for software fabrication means anyone on the planet can submit to us a patch and we will use our resources to secure your work from helping our competition through copyright, patent pooling, trademarks & more!

"Open-Source" is dumb

Being able... Expand..

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